I signed up for a service that takes all my notes and send them back to me in little tidbits everyday. Sometimes it’s months before I reread one of my journals. I go through my kindle notes more often but still not often enough so it’s pleasant and useful to be reminded of clips like this one:

We do not remember everything that happens to us; we select only highlights. (If we didn’t forget, our minds could not work efficiently, because they would be cluttered with mental junk—the temperature last Wednesday, a boring conversation on the bus, every phone number we ever dialed.) Moreover, recovering a memory is not at all like retrieving a file or playing a tape; it is like watching a few unconnected frames of a film and then figuring out what the rest of the scene must have been like. We may reproduce poetry, jokes, and other kinds of information by rote, but when we remember complex information, we shape it to fit it into a story line.
Mistakes Were Made by Caroll Tavris, Elliot Aronson

If you’re interested the service is